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Fences and Dreamgirls

Show marketing and public relations strategy

As the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the Omaha Community Playhouse,  I was responsible for creating, implementing and evaluating marketing and pr plans for individual shows, special events, initiatives and entire seasons, including more than a dozen events or productions. Below is a snapshot of my strategic planning, priorities and outcomes for the production of Fences and Dreamgirls.

Marketing and Communications Plan Snapshot

Goals: Meet revenue goal, raise awareness of the productions, increase online engagement 

Objectives: Secure two media interviews on TV and radio one week prior to opening night, create an audience reaction video during opening weekend to garner excitement, increase online engagement by 5%  


  • Exceeded revenue goal by 4%

  • Email click rate average 4%

  • Email open rate average 36%

  • More than 40% of followers engaged online during the one-month run of Fences and Dreamgirls 

Marketing and PR Tactics: 

a. Paid advertising included print, digital and radio ads, billboards, social media influencer marketing efforts 

b. Earned - media interview segements on television, radio and print

c. Social media (organic and paid)

d. Owned - direct email, mail, poster distribution, website, promotional videos

e. Partnerships with local organizations

Marketing assets were created in collaboration with the following:

Photography by Colin Conces 

Videography by OnPxl 

Graphic design by Ashlin Furey 

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