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Social Media

Increased social media engagement and reach - one follower at a time

I managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts at the Omaha Public Schools District. During my time as the social media manager, my accomplishments on social media include the following:

  • Created the first district-wide social media policy and guidelines 

  • Created a social media contributors group to help meet engagement goals

  • Created an animation video to help align social media expectations for employees who served as brand ambassadors 

  • Created a monthly social media campaign that aligned with the district's strategic plan


  • Build awareness, develop a solid framework for two-way communication and generate an increase in followership 


  • Increased social media followers by 70% on Facebook, and 85% on Twitter 

  • Averaged engaging 2,000 followers per week 


I used a number of strategies to meet the campaign goals:  

  • Implemented software that allowed OPS to monitor social media conversations related to OPS and increase our potential reach. 

  • Created a social media contributors group. This group met monthly to collect new and innovative  ideas or stories that could be shared on social media.  

  • Established a monthly social media theme and hashtag. The theme was based on a topic related to  current events happening in the district. 

  •  A social media team sent personal emails to building principals to capture key events or stories to highlight OPS schools. 

  • Held a number of contests or giveaways on social media. 

  • Continually examined social media insights to help drive the best time to post, how often and what  days garnered the most reach.  

  • Began monitoring school social media pages to re-share pertinent information on the district page. 

  • Focused on sharing the day-to-day things happening in the schools as well as sharing stories about  students and staff.  

  • Used campaigns to make strong connections back to the district strategic plan.  

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